# On a related note, yesterday was hopefully my last visit to the doctor. I've got a call with Occupational Health tomorrow to discuss my return to work (yes, an actual call, as in speaking to someone on the phone) which will probably be a phased reintroduction.

The doctor isn't sure if my voice will ever be exactly the same or if it will retain some residual 'croakiness' but it's good to be able to speak again however it sounds.

The last several months have really made me appreciate how we take things for granted, whether it be our voices, our sight, hearing, taste, touch.

You hear about people who've had near death experiences gaining a new lust for life and, while this may not be on the same scale, I understand how that happens. Things are so fragile and there's no guarantee they'll be here tomorrow or the next day so we have to make the most of them while we can.

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