Of trust and relevance.

# Trust!Relevance comes first enabling us to filter for content that matters to us.

Trust comes after as we establish who to listen to within our fields of interest.

Discovery is vital and relevance will be a key "people" metric for search.

Relevance is like SEO - getting eyes on, getting traffic and ensuring people are exposed to your message; trust is the good copy which makes people stick around to hear what you've got to say, converting that traffic to a sale.

Trust, like reputation, must be earned but trust is truly personal. Reputations are public and can be gamed. (Tweetable)

Besides time, our trust is our most valuable commodity but we outsource it with curated lists, groups and shared circles.

Instead, we must decide how best to distribute our trust so that it is not wasted on the undeserving.

Image by thorinside