Thoughts on value.

# Forget follower numbers and don't focus on influence; concentrate on value.

ValueI have written before about the value of the social web and am still of the same opinion as I was two years ago:

value is completely subjective based on who you are and what you want to achieve from the social web.

I am currently in the middle of a digital diet: cutting back on an obsessive reliance of social and rationalising my streams. I want maximum value but what, exactly, is value?

  • value is gained from the posts of others
  • value is gained from engagement and discourse
  • value is gained by not wasting time on filtering duplication


Social networks don't always make it easy to achieve value.

We live in a (social) world still obsessed with the idea of following people. We need more emphasis on interests and discovery with easier means of subscribing to topics alongside the friending models we already have.

Value differs for each of us so we need our networks to be more flexible. We need to be able to do what's important to us.

Image by kimmus122