Suffering from consumption


Before we knew the cause of pulmonary tuberculosis it was referred to, rather generically, as consumption - a term that has it roots as far back as Hippocrates around 460 BC.

The disease would literally appear to "consume" the body with a sufferer's weight crashing as the illness took hold.

Now we are the consumers, our voracious appetites barely whetted by the media streams flowing past our eyes.

But the weight of content is not diminished by our efforts no matter how much we consume. We are addicted and can't get enough despite the never ending glut.

So we still suffer from consumption.

We are consumed by our insatiable need while our focus and attention wither rather than our bodies. Not content with what's on offer at the table we cross the streams, pulling bite-sized morsels from an array of feasts.

None is a hearty meal and we are not sated by such snacking leading us to an ever widening search.

We cannot keep picking - we should be picky.

We must exercise self discipline.

We will only find what we need when we resist the temptation of these tiny treats and opt for something more substantial.