Sonant Thoughts – Episode 14: Learning Together


You can't be an expert on something when it has only just begun but you can bring your previous experiences to bear as a reference and a platform to build from.

With no experts we all learn together.

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Sonant Thoughts

  1. I like the idea of the shared stories here. In some sense, it's part of the power of the indieweb wiki pages which conglomerate examples of how various people have implemented and documented pieces of how they've done things. on their websites. It's even better as a clearing house of these examples which are otherwise sometimes hard to find and come across.
  2. Just listened to @colinwalkers latest microcast. I'm not feeling the same excitement, perhaps because I wasn't in on the birth of Twitter, but I am enjoying watching various social spaces evolve and I agree that each documenting our steps adds up to something bigger.