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# Social Media Mafia LogoYou've probably noticed the link on the right to the Social Media Mafia (SMM) website and wondered what it's all about, some of you have clicked and probably still wondered (the site is still under development). So, as an evangelist for SMM I'll try to explain.

SMM is the brain child of Chris Hambly and is based on elements of Mafia mentality. As Chris says forget about the horses heads and machine guns in violin cases - instead look at the honour system involved and the system of favours. Social media is built on making connections and building relationships, as Chris puts it:

If I help you in some way we have started to build a relationship, I have provided for you, without charge, something you want or need. In return you also provide for me or someone else in the social media family. This generosity is what builds trust, it is the currency of the movement.

Social Media Mafia, therefore, is a means to connect individuals in a way that promotes sharing and the doing of 'favours'. Whilst social media is predominantly recreational there is an increasingly prevalent business use and something like SMM will better place individuals to take advantage of the links that are created - any financial or business gains are as a result of the favours system, a secondary benefit.

The family

To complete the Mafia metaphor Chris, as the founder and head of the family, is The Don - he makes all the big decisions. You then have a number of 'Capos' (or lieutenants) who may form their own local "rackets" for their geographical area and stage "sit downs" or unconferences in order to build the relationships and extend the potential of the members or 'soldiers'.

SMM is, therefore, like a self contained social network but with a wider remit than just connecting its members. The goal of SMM is as follows:

  • Provide a forum for the networking of colleagues and peers who have dedicated their careers to social-media, with a goal of representing a large and diverse community of interests and experience.
  • Facilitate information exchange on issues that relate to creative business, technology embracing, advertising, new-media skills training and industry related education.
  • Provide a platform for: industry events, seminars, web 2.0 information exchange, web-based information outlets and professional special interest groups dedicated to specific skills and areas of expertise.

An offer you can't refuse?

Does this sound like something you want to get involved with? Are you involved with social media and want to utilise its full potential? Then why not get over to the Facebook group and contact Chris. You can also give me your details and I'll pass them on for consideration.

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