Social is about facets and choice.

# FacetsThe old adage states "the medium is not the message" and this has never been so true.

We are multi-faceted individuals who not only have multiple interests but also multiple ways of dealing with others. We like to separate work and home life, we like to divide the different aspects of our lives and treat them independently.

Offline we might make a call, write a letter or chat over the garden fence; we choose the best means of communication for the current circumstance so why should online be any different?

One size does not fit all

Sometimes one social network doesn't cut it.

Sometimes Circles or interest lists just don't provide what we need.

Sometimes we have to spread ourselves wider.

There is no sense in abandoning certain social networks out of some quasi-religious crusade about which is best. They all have their advantages and disadvantages and we should utilise the strengths of each where appropriate and not isolate ourselves from other avenues of conversation out of a sense of misplaced pride.

Go where the conversation is.

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  1. The conversation is where I find myself heading these days online. This is becasue I get a lot of value from commenting and becoming part of an engaged online community around particular blogs or posts. You might be interested in checking Engagio ( which is a productivity tool that helps you manage and discover your social conversations.
  2. Colin says: #
    Abdallah, Yes, engaging is key - the clue is in the name: social ;) engagio is a great service. I predicted that platform independent means of connecting would come to the fore this year. I know we've still got a good few months left but I think the general public isn't there yet.

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