Podcasts I listen to

# As promised, here's a quick run down of the casts currently in rotation in my podcast app. I use the Apple app so subscribe to most things via iTunes but will give web links where I can.

Regular listens

Exponent - a weekly tech discussion between Ben Thompson of Stratechery and James Allworth. Always good for digging deep into topics.

The Jay & Farhad Show - again weekly, Jay Yarow and Farhad Manjoo chew the fat over tech news, with it without guests. I like the irreverence of their approach.

The Run Loop - Collin Donnell talks to Mac and iOS developers about their history, apps and topics related to development. Good to hear from the people who make some of the apps and services I use regularly.

Core Intuition - Manton Reece (micro.blog) and Daniel Jalkut (MarsEdit) discuss indie software development for Mac & iOS and all things Apple from a developer perspective.

Revisionist History - Malcolm Gladwell discusses various topics that deserve a second look to challenge conventional wisdom. Painstakingly and impeccably researched, professionally produced and always interesting.

Scott Sigler audiobooks - Scott was the first person to podcast a full length novel, for free, in 2005 and has built a huge audience off the back of it allowing him to write full time. He's still going strong, podcasting as much of his work as he can. Mostly a blend of sci-fi and horror.

Fundamentally Broken - Seth Clifford and Tim Nahumck talk about life, productivity and methodologies in an aim to establish better balance. Wonderfully witty and crude but with genuine insight.

Occasional listens

The Talk Show - John Gruber's mostly Apple related podcast. The episodes are long and I tend to nip in and out when something specific interests me.

Presentable - Jeff Veen's podcast about design for the digital age. Again, one I dip into on occasion.

Timetable - The microcast from Manton Reece - a big inspiration for my own. It's in the occasional section only because he hasn't recorded one for a while. Understandable with everything he's juggling.

In Our Time - the Radio 4 podcast about philosophy and the history of ideas. Something for when I'm feeling intelligent.

I'm always on the lookout for more interesting casts and would love to find more microcasts.

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