Do you want to be blogging pen pals?

Inspired by Jason Becker's Letters a number of bloggers have taken to seeking email pen pals with whom to converse for (generally) a month at a time. It is a great way for someone to learn who reads their blog and get to know them better.

image of a man sat at a laptop happy because he is writing to his pen pals

While not being as formal, I too seek blogging pen pals. I have made some great connections with wonderful people thanks to the blog, some of whom I would call genuine friends. Such opportunities to connect and build friendships is what this is all about – I love to get to know 'the person behind the words' rather than just see an online persona.

Are you in?

If you want to participate then just drop me a mail. You can say as much or as little as you want, or just let me know you're interested – we can work out the specifics from there.

(Note: December is full so any new exchanges will need to begin in Jan 2024.)

I'd like to get to know:

  • those who read the blog and maybe haven't said 'hi' before
  • other bloggers whether our paths have crossed or not
  • or anyone who just wants to chat via email

How will it work?

  • I will not be posting the full contents of conversations on the blog, aiming instead (with permission) of a quick summary: who, and what we learned about each other
  • it's fine if you want to be a pen pal but don't want it made public
  • there will not a strict monthly schedule, instead allowing things to be a bit more flexible and organic
  • I would like to aim for an initial few emails back and forth to get beyond the initial, awkward 'hello' after which we can see where we are
  • anything can be made 'off limits' at any time and any such request shall be respected by both of us
  • my aim is to make new friends (or, at least, solid acquaintances) and (hopefully) have those friendships last

What have you got to lose?

Not even the price of a stamp! Just as little or as much time as you are willing to invest (and that's no loss.)

I look forward to hearing from you!

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