One year on


Today marks a year since I decided to reboot the blog and take back ownership of what I was writing.

Not including this one, there are 460 total posts since the move from my old domain and self-hosted SharePoint site which ran from 2003 to April 2008.

Prior to the reboot there were only 296 posts in 8 years - not very impressive for someone whose social profiles say he is a writer.

But there were some big gaps.

At various points I have been unhappy with what and the way I write, and the whole process (to put it mildly) and stepped away from writing - or at least from blogging - only returning when I felt I had something to say.

Allowing for these gaps there was an average of about a post per week during these 8 years but this obviously isn't an accurate reflection.

The last proper post before I last walked away was on 29th October 2013. After that I was "social blogging" on Google+ and spent a little while posting only on Medium before deciding to regain control and use Medium mainly as a distribution channel.


In addition to relaunching the blog there have been other key decisions:

Since this time last year there have been 164 posts of all types: post, micropost and microcast. A much better return.

And a more enjoyable one.

Perhaps more than anything these decisions have been instrumental in helping me realise exactly what my blog can be.

It is more than just writing essays and thought pieces, it is my voice on the web. Now, literally with the microcast.

A voice that I have found again.

A voice doesn't always speak in grand, sweeping monologues and soliloquies (sometimes it needs only a few words) and a blog doesn't have to either.