Moving to Mac

I've been a Windows user ever since the days of 3.11 and my first PC at home had Windows 95.

I've some basic experience with Macs but only in a work context, usually on a Mac Mini, so never had to do too much with them beyond changing a few settings and reinstalling Java.

While I have often wondered what it would be like to switch the cost has always been prohibitive.

I need wonder no more as I have now been able to get my hands on a MacBook Pro (it's not the most recent - mid 2015) and have spent the last few days using it as my primary machine, even for playing World of Warcraft.

There are a few things you don't appreciate until you get to use a device properly. So often comments are made and you think they are just hyperbole.

Not always.

The build quality of the MacBook is everything it's made out to be. The device just exudes it from the main body to screen assembly.

The benefits of ecosystem are immediately apparent when you sign in with your iCloud account and the MacBook automatically connects to your home WiFi network.


Having all of your iCloud data instantly to hand without having to install anything extra is obviously a bonus.

But the one thing I have heard said again and again is how amazing the trackpads are on MacBooks and that Windows OEMs just can't make a good one.

You know what? It's true!

After spending a couple of days with the MacBook I had to revert to my Windows laptop for work and realised just how big the gulf is between the two. Some of the more premium Windows devices may be better but the ones I have at home just don't compare.

Now I just need some stickers.

  1. johnjohnston says: #
    I think you might be surprised I've found macs have been cost effective as they usually last me a long time as long as you don't get latest & greatest envy.
  2. johnjohnston says: #
    I save up as I go. Last one ran for 8 years. Although it was slow for the last couple;-)
  3. Colin Walker says: #
    I vaguely seem to remember it but the kids must have removed it from my vocabulary πŸ˜‰
  4. Bruce says: #
    Yep, the build quality and trackpad spoils you for almost anything else. :)
  5. matthew says: #
    great stuff... now you can use the Mac app I built... shameless plug.. haha
  6. desparoz says: #
    while you're shamelessly plugging, where can one find your macOS app?