More iOS6, the Nexus Tablet and Google+ Events.

# iOS 6Rather than rewrite full posts, here are a few recent items that have been posted on Google+.

I gave myself a week with iOS beta 1 to try it out and then downgrade to iOS 5.1.1 again to see what I missed. By the end of the week Apple seeded Beta 2 so the downgrade didn't happen straight away. Days 4 - 7 of the test can be found at the following links:

iOS 6 beta - day 4

iOS 6 beta - day 5

iOS 6 beta - day 6

iOS 6 beta - day 7

And the downgrade? It didn't stick for long - I'm back on iOS6 beta 2 (despite some bugs) as I miss certain features such as tweeting/posting to Facebook directly from the Notification Centre.

News that Google were going to release a 7 inch Nexus branded tablet leaked prompted me to ask Can the Nexus Tablet reinvigorate Android? The keynote at Google I/O gave us the device as expected and the news was even better than expected - Achievement Unlocked: release dirt cheap tablet.

Google finally released a much request feature in Google+ Events with direct integration with Google Calendar. Unfortunately, they dropped the ball on its implementation allowing users to be spammed with invites and their calendars overrun with entries they didn't want. How could they have stopped the likes of Robert Scoble and Wil Wheaton complaining?

Suggestions for Google+ Events

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