Making the switch

# The Soulmen announced yesterday that they were switching to a subscription only model for one of my favourite apps: Ulysses.

From what I've seen the reaction has been overwhelmingly positive.

Subscriptions are de rigueur for services but I have been largely dubious about them for software.

Max Seelemen wrote a very thorough and thought-provoking piece on Medium giving a good background into the decision for them to make the switch. He puts forward a very compelling argument.

He writes that the notion of a one-time purchase is a hangover from the days when you bought software in a box; he's right!

The way software is developed, distributed and updated has changed dramatically and the business models attached to it need to adapt to those changes.

Having previously bought the app for iOS (and struggling with that decision) I never felt that I could justify the significantly higher cost to re-purchase it on the Mac, based on my usage.

A low monthly cost (covering all my Apple devices in one subscription) removes that initial barrier and makes the app far more affordable.

So, last night, I made the switch, downloaded the new version from the App Store (on both the iPhone and MacBook) and immediately set up my subscription.

  1. desparoz says: #
    I made the switch too, even though I have previously purchased each version (mac, iOS and even the old Daedelus Touch). I like the app, and want to support the developers.
  2. desparoz says: #
    further to my previous comment, I anticipate "subscription fatigue" wherein I will only be willing to support a certain number of subscription commitments. For now it's Ulysses, 1Password and Text Expander as my keepers. Devs need to consider finite opportunities
  3. Colin Walker says: #
    Absolutely. The next version of Drafts will also be on tiered subscription so I'll no doubt sign up but, beyond that... A small monthly fee suddenly becomes a large undertaking making it a much more competitive landscape.