# There have been a few instances lately where I've reached forward to the adjust the screen angle on the MacBook and it's just gone black.

I was starting to worry it had some kind of a problem, perhaps a loose connection, until I realised it only happened when I did it left handed with my arm along the side of the computer.

The magnet in the Watch strap obviously lines up perfectly with the one in the MacBook which detects when the screen is closed.

Panic over!

  1. ciaran says: #
    Ha! I still remember how verboten magnets were around computers back when everything used floppies.
  2. I have a similar story about magnets. Some DSLRs have a feature called live view. Live preview is a feature that allows a digital camera’s display screen to be used as a viewfinder. This allows the photographer to preview the framing and exposure before taking the photograph. It’s very useful for landscape photography. A few years ago I bought Freehands Men’s Stretch Thinsulate Gloves. I spent a lot of time shooting outside during the winter. Regular winter gloves are bulky and it was difficult for me to operate the camera. But operating a metal camera in below freezing temperatures is not fun. The Thinsulate gloves are a good solution. The thumb and fore fingers tips open up so that photographer can operate the camera knobs and levers. They also have magnets to hold the tips in place. Everytime I would use those gloves with live view mode the shutter would close as soon as I enabled live view. It turns out that electro-magnets in the Nikon keep the shutter open for the live view feature. Until I realized what was happening I panicked, believing my Nikon was damaged somehow and in need of repair.

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