Is Google+ about to allow multiple post attachments?

# Does the Chrome "share to Google+" option indicate an upcoming ability to add multiple attachment types to posts?

One of the common requests when posting on Google+ is the ability to add multiple attachment types such as a link and additional images. Currently it is an either/or situation but is that about to change?

The latest update to Chrome for iOS introduced sharing to Google+ but, interestingly, the sharing dialog also appear to permit
attaching images as well as the linked site.

The results of attempting this are, at present, inconsistent but show promise; let's look at what happens.

On the web

Somewhat disappointingly, attaching images via the Chrome share seems to take priority over the actual shared link when viewing the post via the web page:

On mobile

Viewing the post via the G+ application for iOS, however, is a completely different story. The post on mobile not only includes the shared link but also adds the additional images to the one included in the rich snippet so that you can swipe between them within the mobile interface as though you had initially shared multiple images on a normal post:

iOS image from snippet   iOS attached image

iOS shared link

Things to come?

Whether this is an anomaly brought about by an irregularity of the Chrome sharing feature or, indeed, a precursor to Google+ posts with multiple attachment types remains to be seen. In any event, the ability to add multiple attachments types to any post - be they multiple resolved links, images or videos - should be introduced to provide a better user experience.

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