Getting personal

# I sometimes forget what this is all about.

The site title and many posts would ostensibly indicate that this was a blog about social media. Indeed that’s exactly what it was for a number of years.

But times and sensibilities have changed, opinions evolved. I moved on.

Despite knowing this, and fully intending to return to proper old school blogging, I sometimes feel guilty for getting personal as the site was so focused for so long.

And I think that’s been holding both I and the blog back.

  1. I can related. I’m at the point I want to create satellite sites for my tech & food interests so I don’t worry about mixing personal and those subjects others would find interesting but could care less about my personal notes.
  2. Zak says: #
    I agree with this 100%. Sometimes, I know I approach writing or microcasting with a purpose but have to stop myself and remember that it needs to be more personal, and less like a website. It’s a blog. Blog = Weblog. A lot of your life on the web.
  3. Hope says: #
    I think a personal blog about pretty much everything is what blogging used to be before around 2005 or so. So yeah that's definitely old school blogging. It's something I've been doing since 2003.
  4. douglane says: #
    Good call. I find traditional blogs that are a mix of topical and personal a bit more interesting and would like to see more people get back to that.
    1. I'm a fan of this approach too. Maybe a change of site name, even just to your own name (or something that doesn't tie you to a particular focus), would help you to feel free enough of what you've done before to write more personally and broadly. Although he's not writing there at the moment, one of my favourite online writers, Sid O'Neill, has an eclectic personal site called Crate of Penguins. I always thought that was such a cool, niche-defying name.
      1. Colin Walker says: #
        😆 That’s a great name, love it. You might be on to something. I’ve been thinking about de-branding the microcast when it returns and that could pave the way to a de-brand of the blog. 🤔
  5. devilgate says: #
    It’s your blog: write about whatever you want to write about, obviously. Lately you’ve mainly been blogging about (micro-) blogging, which is fine. That’s what’s on your mind. But people will still read if you include other subjects.
  6. Colin Walker says: #
    You’re absolutely right but it still feels awkward some times. I’ll get there. Eventually. 🤞