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Likely inspired by yesterday's Zoom call, I sat down and turned on my hardware for the first time in two weeks. Frustrated with what I've been producing (or not is more like it) I hadn't been able to touch it and finish a couple of things I'd started.

Something we discussed on the call was how music has always been a safe space for me, just being able to put on my headphones and lose myself has taken me through so many hard times. Changing from purely a consumer to also a creator of music, however, has changed my relationship with it.

When things are working well it's still that safe space, somewhere that I can lose hours as if they were seconds. When things aren't working, however, that safety evaporates and it becomes almost a personal hell that I have to escape.

That may sound melodramatic but my relationship with music becomes antagonistic, a battle that I may try to fight but can never win unless I step away and let things settle.

Anyway, last night the flood gates opened and things took shape almost of their own volition. Accidentally pushing the gain too high for the kick drum created a really hard and heavy sound and everything followed from there. I created the best acid line I've made for absolutely ages, again accidentally leaving the tuning pitched high to achieve a great vibe.

It's almost like this specific music wanted to be made and was nudging me in the right direction. I now need to expand on what I've got and turn it into a full track.

# I had a bunch of Nectar points doing nothing so traded them in for a couple of eBay vouchers before they disconnect the accounts and stop you using points for purchases.

The vouchers have been put towards another USB audio interface to give me another 2 channels for simultaneous recording.

While I ideally want a multichannel interface this is a much cheaper way to get another couple of channels.

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