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True to the tradition that I only remember my dreams when they are 'weird' I had a strange one last night. All I can remember is that I was trapped (I think) in some kind of run down building, empty but for some rubble, with plain concrete walls and floors.

On just about every vertical surface was writing and strange symbols — I think I had to try to decipher it all to … escape? There was a pervading sense of either being hunted or some other kind of existential threat.

Apparently I was screaming in my sleep. 😱

starrwulfe says: Reply to starrwulfe

I’m pretty darn sure I’ve seen a few music videos and read some manga that are these exact theme. Sounds like a good start to a crazy script at any rate. But you were literally screaming as you slept, as in people around you were hearing you?

Colin Walker replied:

Yep. My wife had to wake me to check I was okay.

avatar says: Reply to

I’ve had half-hearted yells that sound like “muffled puppy yelps” but nothing like what you describe. Maybe the excitement (and stress) of the holidays playing out while your brain re-shuffles the decks? (I kinda want to experience it for myself admittedly…)

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