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Deep thought and contemplation are like muscles that atrophy when not being used. The longer you go without exercising them the harder it is to get going again. I knew that if I didn't start posting again soon then it would likely turn into another gap of months before I did.

I didn't want that to happen this time and would prefer if it go that way again.

Thinking, like writing, is a habit that it is all too easy to get out of. It's too easy to let things just wash over you and go through life in a bit of a daze. Mental health issues make this more pronounced so I feel that thinking and creating is a way to fight back against those problems.

Original thought, and any related act of creation, is rewarding in its own right and for its own sake. Not enough emphasis is placed on doing so when it is one of the most worthwhile things we can spend our time on. Passive consumption by default is becoming all to common, maybe even desired by some, and that is no way to live.

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