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For various reasons, chief amongst them not currently having anywhere to set up my gear, I've not made any music since the end of January. I've been listening to a lot of stuff lately and watching some videos on YouTube and I'm starting to get the itch to get going again.

Something I need to do is spend more time with the MS-1 and Crave, really dig into what they can do. I always find myself reaching for the TD-3s because I know them and it's easy to make something that sounds half decent. I need to diversify and get out of my comfort zone. I need to just sit with a single instrument and muck around with it until making the right type of noise becomes second nature.

There's so much in my head that I need to translate into something worth listening to, so many ideas that I'm currently incapable of realising. Only time and effort will remedy that.

warner says: Reply to warner

@colinwalker good luck getting back on it. I've started releasing again after half-year

Colin Walker replied:

Thanks. We've got a plan.

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