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I received an automated email to say that the SSL certificate for the .me.uk domain was going to expire and not be renewed. WTH? The domain was using Let's Encrypt so should auto-renew every three months.

I logged in to CPanel and the option for Let's Encrypt were missing. A check on the hosting showed it was missing on all accounts. WTH?

Was the host dropping Let's Encrypt support and hadn't told anyone?

I logged a support ticket and was initially given a trite "It should be there, have you tried searching for it?" I was about to write a snarky reply when another person posted a response advising that a service had stopped but they had restarted it and everything should now be okay. Luckily, it was/is.

Checking the site — which is still using an old version of (b)log-In — made me realise just how far things have come since I stopped updating the installable version on GitHub. It was nice to offer a public version for a while but maintaining two separate repositories was frustrating and slowing me down.

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