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It was just over a couple of years ago that I wrote about wanting "to create my own network of connected notes and instigate slow writing" and that, rather than using a PKM system, the whole blog was becoming like this.

Rather than just being held in a database the blog is now slowly becoming a database.

My goal with building /reader was to make it easier to reference and respond to other people's work and feed those responses into that database. Labels improve the usefulness of 'Start Here' which provides entry points to journeys through the blog.

While the blog itself remains a typically chronological record, I want the whole thing to become more than just a series of posts. I want it to become a resource, a self-seeding tool for ideas and connections that presents and juxtaposes things in a way I might not normally consider; a mechanism that resurfaces buried treasure so I might have new insights.

I need to get better at feeding the machine, at feeling I can throw anything at it. While garbage in, garbage out may be a state we want to avoid one man's trash is another's treasure, it just might not have been viewed in the right context. Individual items may seem worthless on their own but when placed alongside others may form something of value.

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