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In the past couple of days we have discovered 'magic bags' via the app Too Good To Go. A magic bag is a lucky dip selection of items that would otherwise end up as food waste. As per the app description:

• Search the map to find a restaurant, cafe, or shop near you that has unsold food
• Buy the food through the app from as little as £2/2€
• Collect your food at the pre-set time, and enjoy it knowing you’ve done something good for the planet

We've had everything from sandwiches and wraps to yogurts and cakes to a ham joint and barbecue ribs.

Fantastic idea.

adamprocter says:Reply to adamprocter

@colinwalker nice. I have had too good to go for a long time but not taking “advantage” of it yet. Vegan, Location and some scepticism but I keep hearing more good stories. So will keep checking the app 👍

Colin Walker replied:

It's definitely worth it but I can see that being vegan will limit your options. Still, you never know.

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