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Now that I have stopped updating the GitHub repository for (b)log-In, I am more free to experiment, to tweak, to enhance. I don't need to reflect all these changes to another version of the code.

Everything I'm doing now is focused on refinement, tidying up and improving. Much of what I've been doing recently has been for things no one else but myself will see: page backgrounds, text alignment, things that only show when logged in. Why go to the effort? For who's benefit is it? Mine!

And that's fine.

(b)log-In was built for me, a personal project with the sole purpose of getting my blog out of WordPress because I was getting fed up of it. And just because I could. There's no harm in that. For the casual viewer it made no real difference, my custom layer and page templates had already transformed how WordPress operated; I had opted for a daily, chronological view a long time ago.

This site was intended as a self-built, simpler version of that. It may have taken on a life of its own, grown far beyond what I originally envisaged or intended, and become more complex than anticipated, but it is still infinitely simpler than WordPress.

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