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When it was announced that Jodie Whittaker would become Doctor Who I wrote:

"I have no problem with the gender-swapping and think it adds an interesting dimension to the show but worry that jodie's time as The Doctor may not be defined by her acting but by the stories she is given to work with."

We just finished watching the first episode of her final series (Flux) and the overwhelming feeling was meh. It was all a bit boring and flat.

Apart from a few early episodes, where it felt like she was trying too hard, Whittaker has been a good Doctor, making the most of what she's given, but the writing hasn't been up to scratch. On the whole, I don't think things have been up to par since Russell T Davies left so it's good to know that he will be returning for the next series ... and the next Doctor.

I can only hope that this six episode mini series (which is all one story arc) improves as it progresses. It looks as though a number of things will be coming to a head so, fingers crossed, this gives it a bit of life. Davies was a master (no pun intended) of weaving seemingly unrelated story threads into a rich tapestry that genuinely interested and surprised you. The show needs a true return to form and I hope he can deliver.

In the meantime, being all one story, rather than isolated episodes, may make this series worth being patient but, based on the first outing, it's got a way to go yet.

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