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I'm still kicking and moving my legs during sleep, driving my wife to distraction as it is obviously affecting her sleep. My daughter did some reading and we wonder if I might be experiencing PLMS, or Periodic Leg Movements during Sleep.

PLMS disrupts sleep, even if it doesn't wake the person, causing daytime sleepiness and fatigue — to say I have been experiencing a lot of brain fog lately would be an understatement. It can also cause regular waking through the night for seemingly no apparent reason as the person experiencing PLMS is usually unaware of the movements. Check.

I had a hot bath on Monday night (I'd pulled my back) and am told I didn't kick. Baths before bed are recommended to ease symptoms, as are massaging the legs, performing stretches, yoga and meditation. I did some stretches last night and, sure enough, didn't kick.

It looks like what I need to do during my bedtime routine is being mapped out for me.

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Have you looked into taking magnesium supplements? I take them for other things, but I believe they can help with this condition, and with sleeping better.

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