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An early start today following a night of broken sleep and being awake long before the alarm. Between us, we've made excellent progress on the house so now it's the final push to get the decorating finished and everything cleaned.

I suppose this is how most people's days used to go — hours of manual labour, the mined attuned to what the body is doing will little capacity for thought, collapsing at the end of the day in that state of satisfied exhaustion knowing you've actually done something.

Technology has done away with this pattern for so many of us, lead us to laziness and sloth. We think we are being productive but often just let the hours slip away, convinced that we are living our best lives. I'm not so sure.

There needs to be some kind of balance, a place between, where we can settle safe in the knowledge that we have spent our time on meaningful pursuits and can relax into our mental labours without worry or guilt.

I'm not really sure where I'm going with this. I just know it feels good to have been so physically occupied, yet with a tinge of remorse at not being able to retire into the mind for productive contemplation once the work of the day is done.

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@colinwalker Doing the work to prep my house for sale and move to the new apartment, I can relate to this. After putting in a hard afternoon, I can kick off my shoes, fix a nice drink, and watch TV without remorse.

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I've remarked recently about the lack of sparrows where we live — I think it was in an email conversation. Back at the old house, things couldn't be more different — all you hear is sparrows, that and the odd starling. I miss the tits, robins and blackbirds back home.

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