Before I go…

# I'd just like to thank those who left positive comments in response to my post yesterday.

The question now for anyone who agrees with any of what I said is: what can we do about it, or is it now beyond our control? Should we even try?

You are most likely reading this because you have an interest in some aspect of social media so, to keep you going while I'm away, I thought I'd share my list of those bloggers I have turned to for intelligent discussion in this area. I tend to mainly clear of the larger blogging networks and stick to those who, while they might not be the biggest names on the web, I consider to have the most to say - and not just about social media.

In no particular order:

Louis Gray
Mark Dykeman
Steven Hodson
Hutch Carpenter
Alexander van Elsas
Daryl Tay
Eric Berlin
Rob Diana
Ryan Brymer

I'm sure they'll take good care of you.

  1. vanelsas says: #
    Colin, too bad you won't be blogging (for a while?). I enjoyed your explorations and feel there is always room for that. Taking some time off is always good to do. It helps gain perspective, new energy and possibly a renewed blogging adventure. Rest assure that there is more to life than this social media circus. In the end it really doesn't matter what you write about as a blogger, as long as you can do it with passion! I'lll be looking forward to seeing new things evolve here ;-)
  2. ryanbrymer says: #
    Let me echo Alexander (and myself from yesterday): I hope that your time away leads to new insights and fresh discussion.
    Thanks for your feedback and encouragement over the past few months.
    Best of luck.
  3. Daryl Tay says: #
    Thanks for the kind mention, Colin. I've been feeling the same way as both you and Corvida have for awhile and was on a "break" myself. I'm sure all of us will be back even more passionate than before!
  4. robdiana says: #
    I hope you just need a break as I will miss your insights (again). Maybe just taking August as a blogging holiday will help renew your spirits for a solid final quarter. And thanks for the mention, it is always nice to be recommended.
  5. Eric Berlin says: #
    Colin, totally feel you on the need to take a break and recharge. For a variety of reasons, I just made a huge (for me) life/schedule change and flipped my schedule around so that I now write/interweb/exercise late at night instead of early in the morning.

    Has social media "lost its spark"? That's a very interesting question... I'm tempted to say no, but I'm very open to hearing out the other side. But then again, I'm a unrepentant optimist when it comes to the interwebs!

    Thanks very much for including me in the list above, very honored to sit on such a list.

    And hope to see you round the digital way! Cheers, EB