# I have been using the app Fit Companion as it fills a few gaps in WearOS and Google Fit including an ongoing activity tracker with sedentary reminders. Why WearOS/Google Fit don't include this out of the box is beyond me.

Fit Companion received a big update a couple of days ago to include a lot more detail for sleep tracking - again Google Fit is sorely lacking in this area. The recent Wellness update for Fossil family Gen 5 watches brought native sleep tracking to the watch but needed better tools to make the most of that data.

According to the data I actually hit my 7 hours target last night so why do I feel worse than normal? I don't feel rested at all.

Sleep chartClick for more...

The chart shows fluctuation in heart rate throughout the night with a number of high peaks. Is that dreaming or snoring? Snoring is like a minor sleep apnea and your heart rate automatically increases - who knew.

While the chart shows I had an initial period of deep sleep it wasn't very restful from 12:30 on. I know that smartwatches aren't necessarily the most accurate devices but the chart does help to explain the way I feel this morning.

# Nicholas Bate always has such positive things to say about Monday; it is, after all, just another day marked by a single revolution of our planet.

Yet, Monday is a construct, an artificial delineation, something upon which we have forced meaning and, in doing so, have come to resent.

I've said all this before.

Some of us working a traditional five day week resent/fear Monday's because we are not doing something we love, something we are passionate about, and that drags us down. It shouldn't.

There were things I wanted to say yesterday, observations I wanted to make, but couldn't bring myself to blog. It's a shame, dare I say a travesty - blogging is something I love and am passionate about but when Monday )and all its connotations) stops me from doing so I feel as though I've lost something inside.

I should blog despite and in spite of Monday, make Monday great again! Maybe, that will temper my feelings towards it and help set me up for the week in the right frame of mind.

If only blogging was my job. Would I still feel the same?

# Got some email replies out of the way - feels good to stay in touch.

Now half watching, half listening to the Apple event, not that I'll be buying an iPhone any time soon but it's good to keep abreast of things.

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