# We found out that one of our best friends had a heart attack last night, likely two - a smaller one prompting the phone call for an ambulance then a larger one after the paramedics arrived which required use of a defibrillator.

He was rushed to hospital for an operation to insert a stent which sounds like it was a success. Such a huge relief.

We're surrounded by all this death due to coronavirus but it doesn't really register properly, the numbers involved don't really compute. We're not used to dealing with it as they're the types of numbers normally associated with war and conflict, and even then it's still hard to process.

Yet, here we are with the fear of just one person dying from something normal, as much as you hate to say it. While the threat of the pandemic induces almost overwhelming dread the proximity and normality of this single person's condition somehow makes it more real than everything going on 'out there'.

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