# Despite nothing really changing Spark (my mail app of choice) decided it would take umbrage with the mail for yesterday's posts and not show it correctly in dark mode. Compare it with the one from the day before:

I don't know why it insists on a black background and lilac, lilac!, links. It's even worse on the Mac and I just don't understand why as the Gmail app renders it fine.

# It would appear that it's not just my daily emails; I just received a mail from Feedly that exhibits the same weird behaviour in Spark.

What's strange is that there have been no app updates for anything to change.

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# The native Mail.app on the Mac struggles with certain mails in dark mode as well, so it's not just Spark. I've had a look at a couple of others on my phone and settled on "Email by Edison" which I first used on the iPhone after Mailbox was shuttered.

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# I'm in a real "first world problem" style quandary. I'm really intrigued and impressed by the Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra - the new mammoth phone with a mammoth screen and an equally mammoth camera array.

I was originally planning on going back to an iPhone but there was realistically only two reasons for doing so: Drafts and Shortcuts. Yes, I tend to use my Mac more than my Windows laptop (which is primarily reserved for gaming) but when I had an iPhone there wasn't really anything that tied the experience together; I didn't use handoff to take things from one device to the other, for example.

I've gotten incredibly used to Android again over the past 15 months and I suppose I've been lucky to have a phone that runs the latest version of the OS (I'm on EMUI 10 now - Huawei's version of Android 10) so have never been lacking for anything.

I don't use that many apps so the relative states of the ecosystems haven't bothered me as I might have expected. I would enjoy returning to Drafts and Shortcuts if I had them but I have established alternative workflows with other apps. I could even look into learning how to use Tasker for automation.

I always think back to 2014 when I used my Nexus 5 to write all of the #write365 posts which came out to over 100,000 words. That was on a significantly older/less feature rich version of Android with older/less feature rich apps. So why not stick with Android?

# Well, that didn't take long: quandary resolved. I've pulled the trigger and pre-ordered the S20 Ultra.

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