# It's early days but the way I write has already started to change. I'm not just going from beginning to end, writing as though I was typing a finished draft; things are being noted as they come to me, a mixed up selection of thoughts and ideas requiring me to flick back and forth when I come to put it all together.

It's more organic but still only part of the way towards how I want things to be, how I envisage they can become.

I have also been back to posting daily as I am constantly having ideas, no doubt in part because I am also taking the time to read more. Consequently, I have changed the text displayed when there are no posts on a Saturday or Sunday from:

I will not usually post on weekends


I will often not post on weekends

It's a subtle change but one that I feel better reflects the current behaviour. I had originally intended to continue as before but writing is, at present, a joy, not a chore. I am not having to force the words out at weekends - it is just happening.

Much of it may not be riveting reading but that's not really the point, it's more about the process, about rekindling the habit and getting things flowing again and improving my creative and mental state.

That's enough of a win for me right now.

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# The renewed passion for writing has also rekindled a desire to tinker with the workings and code behind the blog, which I wasn't expecting.

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