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Brent Simmons wrote a thought-provoking post in response to comments that the web has been destroyed by large platforms. Comments such as "RIP blogging" and "so much of the joy has been sucked out of the internet."

Yes, platforms like Facebook have largely taken over. Yes, many sacrifice privacy and control for convenience but, as Brent says "You choose the web you want."

Just because you're using platforms or social networks it doesn't preclude having your own space on the web. You just have to put some effort in: "You have to do the work."

The platforms aren't going away any time soon; we have to accept that. Still, we don't have to use them exclusively.

Brent's right.

It's up to us as individuals; if we want a web beyond the Facebooks of this world then we have to support it, we have to participate and, maybe, even help build it.

That can be as simple as creating a blog and sharing your thoughts with the world.

Although Brent quotes criticism that "hardly anyone is playing around with form or even just trying to entertain" what does that even matter? We can do whatever we want on our own sites but what's more important is that we actually have our own sites.

Admittedly, the more you put in the more you'll get out but making a start is the most important thing, a base upon which we can build.

I've been enjoying getting back to basics over the past few days, not trying to do anything special. What I have written, however, is here on my own site as part of a body of work for want of a better term.

And that will do for me.

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