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As I continue to deal with/recover from my mental health issues I feel that part of said recovery is putting myself back out there and have, therefore, decided to re-add the blog feed to my account on micro.blog.

I mentioned self-exclusion in the previous post and feel it's a double-edged sword. There is no doubt I needed to take a step back but I sometimes wonder whether I went too far.

Was killing my social accounts a knee jerk (over) reaction? By leaving these services and not blogging/removing my feed from micro.blog, etc. was I cutting myself off from a potential support system?

We always read that humans are social creatures so is deliberately removing oneself from certain social environments potentially more damaging than staying?

It's a hard one to call, but second guessing the decision is probably even worse. What's done is done; what matters now is how I go forward from here.

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