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# You may remember that I was contemplating a change to the site's link colour as the current dark blue can get a bit lost amongst the normal text.

I originally went with a type of blue because the default link colour was usually blue (#0000FF) and under HTML5 rendering guidelines the recommendation is #0000EE. I didn't want it to be quite so bold so went for a darker shade.

While I feel that staying with blue is the right way to go I have come up with a shortlist:

  • darkorange, #FF8C00
  • firebrick, #B22222
  • mediumblue, #0000CD
  • orangered, #FF4500

I'll mull it over a bit longer and make a decision.

# From a personal perspective, firebrick and mediumblue go missing most when using greyscale. I probably shouldn't let that impact my decision too much but accessibility comes in different forms.

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