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# Having helped my wife set up her temporary Android phone I found my old Nexus 5 while digging through a drawer and was inspired to charge it up. I'd completely forgotten about it.

It may be over four years old (and be forever stuck on Android Marshmallow) but it still feels surprisingly snappy.

I used the Nexus 5 for two years - between the iPhone 4S and 6S Plus - and it served me incredibly well. Making the switch from iOS to Android wasn't too much of an issue. Okay, so a couple of apps I used were iPhone only but I found alternatives and wrote well in excess of 100,000 words on it in 2014 alone.

You use what you have available.

I currently feel as though I couldn't go back to Android again now that my workflows are so well defined, but old "Nexie" reminds me that I'd manage. It would be uncomfortable for a while as I established a new way of working but, ultimately, I'd manage.

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