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# It's safe to say that the search built into WordPress isn't exactly the best. It serves to a point but can't handle complex searches.

I was indicating handwritten posts by inserting (By pen) at the end but, due to the limitations, this isn't searchable. I've, therefore, decided to change it to a hashtag which is automatically converted to a search link - #bypen.

This serves no real purpose beyond it being interesting to see how many posts begin on paper and whether that behaviour changes over time.

# Until now I have been using Oak in guided mode but, with the same instructions every day, my mind was starting to anticipate the next part of the guide leading to internal chatter.

So today I thought I would try my first day of unguided meditation and it was certainly an experience.

The guided script was definitely serving as a distraction but in a good way as well as the bad. The subconscious focus on the script itself was likely preventing the mind from wandering, without it that inner voice was free to go where it pleased.

It's quite a transition that will take a bit of getting used to.

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# I wish Oak either had a Watch app or gave haptic feedback on the phone for the different stages of the breathing exercises. A slight vibration when going from inhale to hold to exhale would mean you didn't have to watch the onscreen animation giving a more immersive experience.