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# I'm terrible at reviewing stuff!

I updated the /now page the other night for the first time in ages but haven't gone back over the /about, /required or /colophon pages since they were added.

They may still be okay but I need to get better at checking.

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# Following my own advice I revised the /about and /required pages as they both still referenced the blog being called "Social Thoughts" - which it hasn't been for a while now.

I also had to point out that the microcast is on hold but, other than that, they still stand up nicely.

# Yesterday I submitted the final module of my philosophy course for marking. It may not have been exactly what I was after but I did get a few bits from it along with a thirst for more.

I'll definitely be looking for further reading and if I can find any more courses that dive a bit/lot deeper.

I'd love to do a full degree - it was one of my possible choices after I left school but I opted to get a job and never went to university.

Maybe if I win the lottery.