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I spent a few hours yesterday taking a trip down memory lane, falling down a YouTube rabbit hole browsing for the back catalogue of Pete Namlook (real name Peter Kuhlmann) and his label FAX records.

I still have a sizeable collection of CDs stashed away in a cupboard from the early to mid 90’s when I would fanatically hunt down each new release.

Each CD ran to only 500 or 1000 (and later 2000) copies so finding them was often a challenge. Virgin Records in Oxford Street, of all places, became one of my main sources.

A couple of staff members, realising I would buy them, always tried to order some copies in, so I would take frequent trips to London just to see if I could find anything new.

Music has always been a big part of my life but the early FAX releases have a special place in my heart as they got me through some difficult times.

While I could link the music to a hard period in my life and not want to hear it again, I prefer to remember the joy, comfort and solace it brought.

Listening to some of it again (in certain cases it has been the first time since those days) is like meeting an old friend you haven’t seen for years but instantly remembering everything you used to get up to as kids.

It’s still hard to believe, or accept, that Peter died five years ago this month. Someone I, and many others, never knew but felt a connection to through his music and the way it made me feel.


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# I surprised myself.

I sat down in the early hours to just write something, anything, but ended up creating something I wanted to post.

That was never the intention but I'm not complaining.

So, I decided that anything I originally write by hand will be marked "(By pen)" just for info and as a way of keeping track.

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