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# Scanned yesterday, stabbed today. That's the tests out of the way. Now to wait for the results.

# The past couple of days have been distracted, what with the chest x-ray etc. but now I'm lying in a nice hot bath trying to get some thoughts together.

Apologies for the mental image but anyone who's read my stuff over the years will know that's where I do some of my best thinking.

It seems I inadvertently helped Colin realise how to describe his blog and, in doing so, had an epiphany myself thanks to his response and a post from Ben Werdmüller called "The return of the weblog."

My response to Colin was that "a personal blog has one focus: the person..."

Here are the paragraphs from Ben's post that really resonated:

"A consequence of this frequent, short posting is that the product isn’t a single post: it’s the weblog itself. Your website becomes a single stream of consciousness, where one post can build on another. The body of knowledge that develops is a reflection of your identity; a database of thoughts that you’ve put out into the world. This is in contrast to a series of thinkpieces, which are individual articles that live by themselves. With a thinkpiece, you’re writing an editorial; with a blog, you’re writing the book of you, and how you think."

Perhaps I've been getting too hung up on purpose and function when it's really just about me.

For me, any required reading has to be about the raison d'être, more why I write than what, and what influences me. I think, deep down, I always knew this but was over complicating it in my own mind.

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