# Babel fish anyone?

I didn’t see any of Google’s Pixel event but this real time translation with their new Pixel Buds is impressive.

Surely, it can’t be long before we have direct point to point translation where two people with the same hardware get the translation straight in their ear rather than relying on the phone.

Your move Apple!


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# While there are a number of older posts of which I am still proud, most of which would be among the blog's overall most popular items, I don't believe that they capture the essence of me as a blogger and are, therefore, not to be considered required reading.

My stance and approach has altered over the years, especially recently, and this older content no longer, well, fits.

I have mixed feelings about that.

On the one hand it's nice to know that I have grown, moved on, not stayed static, but on the other it's quite sad that years of writing don't immediately appear to contribute to who I am.

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