The archive contains older posts which may no longer reflect my current views.

# It's always a little weird glancing at my visitor stats and seeing that someone has read a post that no longer reflects my position.

I find myself mentally shouting at the visitor something like "don't read that, read this other thing."

It makes me wonder how much time and effort I should be spending going back and updating things, maybe add a note and a link. Or if I even should?

This was partly why I made the change so that webmentions to my own posts now show as "related" - maybe someone will follow the link and read my current position or take.

But that's reliant on there actually being a mention to follow.

Processes evolve, opinions change.

This is why I always refer to the blog as an ongoing conversation with myself - it is the public manifestation of working things out in my head.

It can take time and a number of posts and I may never settle on a final "answer" but how to best represent that evolution?

Posts are like little isolated time capsules that can be dug up at any time, a part of history but not the full story. Some may choose to dig a little deeper but do I need to leave more pointers?

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Recognising the issues and challenges is a great start but resolving them is another matter entirely.

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