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# Spending time with the MacBook is starting to pay off. I had to do something at work today I wouldn't have had a clue about just a few weeks ago.

# Manton Reece has pushed a change to micro.blog that I've been waiting for: the addition of a link back and better handling of a status post when it over 280 characters, as opposed to a full post with title.

I have been truncating such posts at 250 characters in the RSS feed to allow the link to be inserted so shouldn't have to do this any more.

I'm going to comment out that function and this post can serve as a test.

# The test was successful.

Micro.blog truncated the post and included a back link on the web while the iOS app included all the text without truncation.

Both options currently strip formatting and other links but the latter is next on the list of things to implement with regards to this.

I won't remove it completely just yet but, with this change in place, I should be able to leave my truncate function commented out. ?

# This change removes the one thing I wasn't happy with: having an external service dictate how I did things on the blog. I don't have to be torn between posting and distribution any longer.

# Liked: Magnet for macOS – Colin Devroe...

After I said I missed split screen in Windows and used Magnet, Colin posted how to actually do it in OSX Sierra. He's right, it really isn't intuitive but good to know it's there.