# I saw an app that does automatic transcribing of recordings. It also lets you import audio from elsewhere so I thought I'd give it a try with the latest episode of the microcast:

"I am calling and will cause a student film. We're in the middle of a little break why. I didn't think I was going to be. Doing an episode to die. And so I didn't have anything planned. But I was thinking before. Loosely hell. So being a white would affect. So have I posted in what I did the. I mean worried. Most of the way that I. It tends to cloak now."

And so it goes on! I don't think I'll be relying on it somehow.

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# I've found a flaw with having a Milanese Loop watch strap: the magnet keeps getting stuck to the wrist rest on the MacBook ?

# I'm still undecided about which method of "last updated" indication I prefer. I might just leave it randomly switching between the two.

# Good news! It appears that the unable to "Run Workflow" from the share sheet of Safari bug in iOS 11 is fixed in beta 4. It now works on the iPad I'm testing with. \o/

# In my admIttedly limited testing, iOS 11 beta 4 feels a lot more stable and responsive that previous betas bit I still don't want to put it on my phone. I think I want the experience to be quite new and fresh this time round.

Yes, I'll have had time with it on the iPad but, even though they run the same OS, the actual experience is different on the phone.

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