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# In reply to: consider a page part of the IndieWeb if...

Ryan's quote about how to check for possible indieweb properties was used in that context and, while it may not be a litmus test, checking for x or y rather than x and y implies only one is required.

But this is the current difficulty with defining exactly what constitutes an indieweb site.

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# A lot of police cars going by, sirens blaring, and a police helicopter circling. ?

# Reports of a van being chased by police who are now searching for the driver (hence the helicopter) with unconfirmed reports of gunshots and that he may have a gun!

# Search was happening within a couple of hundred yards of the house but helicopter appears to have gone. Suspect caught?


Liked: Adoption by Stealth - Brandon Kraft...

Brandon, who works at Automattic and is a contributor to WordPress and the Jetpack plugin, on my point about indieweb adoption by stealth:

"In short and to the point, for something like this to gain traction, it would need to just work in a way that reduces fragility and developer error."

# A few tweaks with is_day() and some additional logic and individual 'day' pages now look the same as Today.

Thinking about previous/next link to flick between days.