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# James Allworth, co-host of the Exponent podcast, wrote a fantastic piece about taking technology for granted. We are so immersed in, and spoilt by, tech that we fail to appreciate what it can do for us, instead bemoaning the things we don't have yet.

He's absolutely right and I try not to let myself get to that point.

I am constantly amazed by what I can do with this 6 inch block of electronics in my hand that I would now be truly lost without it.

That point couldn't have been brought home any more clearly than when I dropped it in the bath earlier this morning.

That's right, the 6S Plus went for a quick swim!

It was only a couple of seconds but it was a fully immersed, just do it and dunk your head under the waves, type swim.

I immediately turned it off and took it out of the case before, a little later, doing the time honoured trick of burying it in a tub of rice.

The fact that I'm typing this, and you're reading this, means that crisis was averted.

And it's not yet even 9am!

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# We could have a casualty - it doesn't look like the speaker is working. Just got to hope it's still drying and will be okay later.

Don't make me turn on vibrate. I hate vibrate!

# It rang! It's alive! Well, partly. At least the speaker isn't completely dead, just don't know why other sounds and music aren't working ?

# I won! ?️‍♂️?

# Weird. Sound is now working. But only after plugging in headphones and taking them out again. Go figure!

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