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Sonant Thoughts - Episode 18: Getting Distracted

Some thoughts on boredom, distraction and the self-application of labels to make us feel less different.


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Sonant Thoughts

# I currently have webmentions enabled for posts from my own site; it serves as a means to highlight relevant posts or, maybe, parts of a thread.

But it almost feels like I'm flying in the face of convention and that most wouldn't do this.

Maybe I'll filter them into their own "relevant posts" section to differentiate them from external mentions.

But, as Tantek Çelik suggested on the Indieweb Slack, they could possibly be used as much more than just relevant posts.

This, however, leads me on to other ideas. A link from one post to another just shows as "mentioned this post" in the list of comments which isn't that illustrative. I could post it as a reply (using my custom fields solution) but what if I wanted the reply link within the body rather than at the start of the post?

Markdown let's you include inline HTML so you could add the u-in-reply-to class to the link but switching to HTML when writing in markdown always feels awkward.

What if Markdown was extended to allow for microformats attributes to be added links?

Instead of just

[link_text_here](url_here "Title")

We could have

[link_text_here](url_here "Title" c:'class_names, comma_separated' r:'rel_type' )

A quick search reveals Markdown supersets like Maruku and Kramdown but these would require a different toolset.

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