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Life without Twitter

For a number of reasons I decided to take a break from Twitter - some of you out there may moan "not again!" as I've taken social hiatuses before.

But, with the way 2016 has been, and things going on in my life offline, I decided to step away. So, on December 1st I stopped tweeting1, uninstalled the app from my phone and took the drastic step of deleting all 13K plus of my old tweets.

I needed to reevaluate how and why I was using the network and, as Twitter is "live", when/if I return I considered the old tweets to be largely irrelevant.

For now, however, I decided to live life without Twitter, but there's a catch:

It doesn't exist!

Twitter is where people go to announce and denounce, congratulate and complain, celebrate and mourn.

News happens ON Twitter and gets reported elsewhere - you can't avoid it. Journalists no longer need to conduct interviews and seek out sound bites, they just fire up Twitter and write their stories 140 characters at a time. Tech press, mainstream media, it doesn't matter; exposure to Twitter (or at least tweets) is now almost universal.

The amount of coverage it gets is grossly disproportionate compared to the likes of Facebook with a much larger active user base. It just illustrates how wrong active users is as a benchmark for how vital a service actually is.

Twitter flows through the veins of modern culture. Even if you're not tweeting, don't visit the site or use the app, it is always there.

  1. with the exception of a tweet on 26th December commemorating the 10th anniversary of joining ↩