Apple Maps, Waze, life with iOS 6 and the 'social gap'.

iOS 6Rather than rewrite full posts, here are a few recent items that have been posted on Google+.

I am giving myself a week with iOS 6 to see how things go. It is not intended as a tear-down of all the new functionality but, instead, an honest account of my reactions while I use the new OS beta. Once the week is up I will downgrade back to 5.1.1 to see what functionality I miss. You can read the first three days here:

iOS 6 - initial impressions (day 1)

iOS 6 beta - day 2

iOS 6 beta - day 3

Waze is one of the data providers for the new Apple Maps app in iOS 6 and it is interesting to see how the changes in the latest version bring the standalone app closer to Apple's new offering.

Apple Maps and Waze - growing closer.

While the features in our favourite social networks seem to be getting ever closer it appears that the usage gap between them is widening users having different types of conversations in the different locations.

Is the social network gap widening?

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