The 3 R's of Influence - towards a better measurement of social influence.

The measurement of social influence is fundamentally flawed due to its reliance on a limited data set. An alternative is therefore required.

You can view the proposal here: The 3 R's of Social Influence (Embedded PDF)

Towards a better measurement of social influenceGauging the true influence of an individual is a complex affair and hinges on a host of factors including a stable identity.

Current systems such as Klout and Kred do not measure influence, they measure interaction by way of pure numbers: shares, retweets, likes, +1s, comments etc. extrapolated out over your connections and those sharing your content. This is not true influence and, in treating it as such, we can become slaves to the gamification of activity.

This proposal suggests how social influence may be more accurately measured by expanding the data points and locations that are monitored to achieve a more holistic view.


  • Where to measure
  • Context (creation v curation)
  • The 3 R's - reach, reputation & relevance
  • Identity
  • Sentiment

Download the full proposal in PDF format here: The 3 R's of Social Influence (PDF)

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